The Future gadget

Gadgets being of a future

~crystal of wisdom honed, it will be the fire of god in holy war~

The following is a number of our having been invented prestigious "the Future Gadget"

We also is offer all by mail order, so make not a hesitate to do fax. If you scared of the regretting for products being the sold out... make a buying now.

Mail order for the fax numbering: 0C-3A66-1704


No. 8 PhoneWave (provisional) Price TBD
Microwave by combining with mobile phones has enabled remote operations. Warming has already been completed by time of getting home.
*We is adjusting now. Not yet ready the sale

No. 7 Ghost in the Shell camouflage ball Special price 80,000 yen
Big Things that you can experience the optical camouflage artificially. Made a makings of with 6-inch cathode-ray tube, a total of 12 units and fill the gap fitted with multiple ultra-compact C-MOS camera. Just, the camera are outward and perpendicular to the monitor of the sphere corresponding the back with that camera. As resulting, blind spot will disappear from this Thing, it's a full view from the other side even if hiding the shadow of Thing
*Is so huge. Please order only if having enough space in the house. Please do not rolled then broken it.

No. 6 Psyllium saver Special price 1,480 yen
Psyllium red chemical type. By installing the handle, it can also handle as sword. The revolutionary idea emit gore, pretending of sword fight realism it has become possible.
*Please make no swinging in narrow place. There is possibility that the scattering of gore can annoying neighbors.

No. 5 Also by Goemon you've connected the thing which is not boring Special price 7,800 yen
Eco dryer that is electricity bill unneeded. By combined with the vacuum cleaner, the exhaust is being used for drier use. Mad but eco. Contradiction is conception of this anguish invention explosive birth here.
*Drier can only use the hot air. You can not air volume control.

No. 4 Moaddo Snake Special price 7,800 yen
Ultra-instant humidifier. The boiled in electric heating coil many, a large amount of water, it is ejected steam tremendous amount. No more needing to fear of dry season. Because it is resembling of claymore mine, is also useful for decoration the house.
*Use for 10 square meters. This future gadget has become disposable.

No. 3 You mean is this oraora!? Special price 9,240 yen
Judges lie detector depending on sweat of thumb. It is the best ever masterpiece which is making a possible of by all efforts combined of lab. All lie and all conspiracy can see through if only have this.
*is a device that detects the sweating only and can not guarantee that whether penetrable a lie actually

No. 2 Bamboo the copter camera Special price of 5,480
CCD camera of spin flier toy. When the latest AV equipment and traditional crafts of Japan is fused, barriers of a past and the future is disappeared, revolutionary feature called Aerial Photography by no power has been realized.
*video captured is a condition which is rotating violently but is not mean that is a failure or nothing. We making no claim for this regard.

No. 1 Bit particle gun Special price 1,098 yen
Thing with embedded TV remote control in the ray gun toy. By closed the trigger toward the TV, it is possible to switch the channel as if shooting a gun just like. Now, remember the childhood!
*responsive button is "next the channel" only. For (Power, volume control, etc.) the other buttons, you need to work with directly at the TV main body.