The True LaboratoryMembers

True name's of those chosen

~I are, we be, RABOMEN~


RABOMEN No.001 Hououin Kyouma

And the founder of the Future Gadget Laboratory, mad scientist of madness.
Devotion of research to bring world chaos and avoiding of attack by "Organization"!

RABOMEN No.002 Mayushii☆

Liking of bananas and juicy chickens number one, chief of lab's "making costumes (for womens only)" division.
Makes an eating of somethings many times. Special ability "stardust handshake" owner.

RABOMEN No.003 Daru

It is SUPAHAKA that specializes in infiltration to any information network.
Precious power of Hououin Kyouma's favorite right hand. However a perv.


Hope to finally getting of cute girl...

RABOMEN No.65535 

Just put many here