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[11]Matter of No. 7 Posted by:Hououin Kyouma 2010/7/13

Materials cost of No. 7 alone is taking of lots of golds. It's being cheaper than now it's impossible. Special price of the now is already such discount.


[10]Price Posted by:Phantasm Phangirl 2010/7/13

Can price of future gadgets No. 7 be made of a little cheapers?
It way too expensive orz
2000 yen is just right the pricing level.


[9]The hell is wrong with this site? Posted by: Spunky 2010/7/7

This site is so lame. You've got to be kidding me.
I thought I went through a time warp to the 90's for a second there.
Did you seriously machine translate this crap?


[8]lol Posted by:scampering bastard 2010/6/29

How chuunibyou a sight this is wwwww you funny guy Hououin-san!


[7]Celebrity Introduction Posted by: Masa 2010/6/21

Looks I am liked by beauty of glasses super rich celebrity.
I give the s*x to her as she asked for
She say now she buying for me a new P*rsche
Last month, I made an earning of more money than what core business of mine make, so I wish be pimp forever!
She say friend of hers is wanting of man who make good the s*x like I make too!
Sign up to score the points like me!!


[6]Future Gadgets Posted by:Hououin Kyouma 2010/6/6

Of course they for the sale. Come send fax or come directly at the lab. What you like? You having of any questions then we giving of details.


[5]Future Gadgets Posted by:Just passing the bye 2010/6/6

Are future gadgets really for the sale? Maybe I am interested, hahah...


[4] Posted by:Yuruyu 2010/5/30

Sorry I put link here without get the permission
Please make the report


[3]College student girl a best! Posted by:Yujiro 2010/5/19

I maked a sexy time with sexy friend Mikitty!!
She make a puff puffing with many big the boobies
So moving is her shikkoshikko effort with thin finger!
And plus to get money doing it I be awesome www


[2]Commemorational proast♪ Posted by: Mayushii☆ 2010/5/13

Nice to meet you To~uuto~uru over♪ Is amazing to make a posting in English with automaton.


[1]Which has set up the board Posted by: Hououin Kyouma 2010/5/10

English hompage of our future gadget laboratory was established finally. Being one chased after by the Organization, I'd prefer the work behind a scene, but I be moved by desire to leave behind a proof that "I be here". Yes, I want to be the found by someone... and being in English makes a widening of audience reach around. So in this board, I or the future gadget laboratory will make a collecting of any question whatever. We danube to make the answering of it. That is selection of "door over the fate - Steins gate". El Psy Kongroo.